Recommended Sources- Climate Change and Ecology News (my final Point Blue blog post)

Dear colleagues,

On this 50th anniversary of the NASA Earth Rise photo (humanity’s first view of Earth from afar), I thank you for an incredible 20 years at the helm of Point Blue. This is my last official posting as CEO of Point Blue (read more here and here).

To keep up on the latest climate change, ecology and related news, I’ve listed below some of my favorite online, free sources.

Thank you for being part of my Point Blue news blog and community over the years. Thank you for your continued support of Point Blue‘s outstanding, collaborative climate-smart conservation science. And thank you for everything you do to secure a healthy, just future for all life on our planet!

Happy holidays and all the best in the future-


Climate change, ecology and related online news sources:

  • Science Daily (you can choose specific topics from climate change, agriculture and food to ecology, animals and microbes; you can also choose daily or weekly updates; you can subscribe and/or get RSS feeds):
  • Skeptical Science (excellent compilation of science articles on climate change as well as multiple resources on rebutting skeptics and more; free subscription, RSS feeds- and weekly climate change science publication summary):
  • Inside Climate News (a non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering climate change, energy and the environment – with layperson-friendly interpretations and comments from the scientists- free subscription and feeds)
  • The Daily Climate (an excellent compilation of news stories from around dthe world on climate change solutions, impacts, causes, resilience, politics and good news; free subscription and feeds)
  • Climate Home News (an independent climate change news site with a more global perspective on climate policy, finance, energy, land use, technology and science; they provide excellent high level summaries of the UNFCCC and other global policy efforts)
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD News, Knowledge Hub, global jobs listing and more- free subscription)
  • Nature Climate Change
  • Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Maven’s News (California’s water news/policy blog with daily and weekly news compilations, updates, and other excellent resources on water and groundwater)
  • California Weather Blog (excellent occasional postings with the science explained)
  • Public Policy Institute of California (excellent nonpartisan analyses and updates on water and many other key policy issues facing California)