Strategic Grazing Management- land cover results in New Mexico

Upland Bare Ground and Riparian Vegetative Cover Under Strategic Grazing Management, Continuous Stocking, and Multiyear Rest in New Mexico Mid-grass Prairie RANGELANDS 2017 (pdf)

IN PRESS By Rick Danvir, Gregg Simonds, Eric Sant, Eric Thacker, Randy Larsen, Tony Svejcar, Douglas Ramsey, Fred Provenza, and Chad Boyd  Rangelands xx(x):1—8 doi 10.1016/j.rala.2017.12.004 © 2017 The Society for Range Management.

On the Ground
• We compared land cover attributes on rangeland pastures with strategically managed ranches (SGM), continuously stocked (CS), and rested pastures.
• SGM pastures had less upland bare ground and more riparian vegetative cover than adjoining CS pastures, and SGM pastures had bare ground cover
comparable to pastures rested from grazing for three or more years.
• Differences in riparian cover between management types were greatest in years of near-average precipitation and lower in years of high precipitation
or drought.
• Remote sensing technology provided a means of quantifying range condition and comparing management effectiveness on large landscapes in a constantly changing environment.