Larsen C Iceberg on Brink of Breaking Off

By Brian Kahn Published: May 31st, 2017  full ClimateCentral article here

…the Larsen C crack is… in the final days of cutting off a piece of ice that will be one of the largest icebergs ever recorded….The crack has spread 17 miles over the past six days, marking the biggest leap since January.

…The vast majority of ice shelves are losing volume due to rising ocean and air temperatures. That’s helped prime parts of West Antarctica for what might be unstoppable melt that could raise sea levels at least 10 feet. Researchers also recently found meltwater ponds are much more common than previously thought. They even discovered a roaring seasonal waterfall on the Nansen Ice Shelf.

These and other findings make clear that the Larsen C crack is just one of many changes happening to Antarctica. Global warming has pushed temperatures up to 5°F higher in the region since the 1950s and they could increase up to 7°F further by the end of the century, putting more stress on ice…