World’s First Commercial CO2 Capture Plant Goes Live

By Bobby Magill May 31st, 2017  Climate Central see full article here

A Swiss company on Wednesday is set to become the world’s first to commercially remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and turn it into a useful product.

Climeworks, which will begin operations at a facility near Zurich, Switzerland, plans to compress the CO2 it captures and use it as fertilizer to grow crops in greenhouses. The company wants to dramatically scale its technology over the next decade, and its long-term goal is to capture 1 percent of global annual carbon dioxide emissions by 2025….

The Climeworks direct carbon capture plant in Switzerland removes carbon dioxide from ambient air.
Credit: Climeworks

…Carbon removal and storage coupled with drawing down fossil fuel use is called “negative emissions.”….

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….The technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, including planting new forests and building facilities that directly remove and capture climate pollution from the air, is in its infancy. It has never been tried at a large scale, and nobody knows if it can be used worldwide to remove enough carbon dioxide to slow warming.