Climate change could trigger strong sea level rise

International research team presents findings from frozen ‘climate archive’ of Antarctica

Jan 5 2017  Univ of Bonn  ScienceDaily see full article here

About 15,000 years ago, the ocean around Antarctica has seen an abrupt sea level rise of several meters. It could happen again. An international team of scientists with the participation of the University of Bonn is now reporting its findings in the magazine Scientific Reports.

Michael E. Weber …”The changes that are currently taking place in a disturbing manner resemble those 14,700 years ago.” At that time, changes in atmospheric-oceanic circulation led to a stratification in the ocean with a cold layer at the surface and a warm layer below. Under such conditions, ice sheets melt more strongly than when the surrounding ocean is thoroughly mixed. This is exactly what is presently happening around the Antarctic….

Iceberg in the southeastern Weddell Sea region. Credit: Photo: Dr. Michael Weber