Tracking the 2°C Limit – January 2016

Skeptical Science posts: 17 February 2016

Tracking the 2°C Limit – January 2016

By Rob Honeycutt &

January gave us yet another record anomaly in the GISS data, coming in at 1.13C. If we apply this to our preindustrial baseline that puts the monthly anomaly at 1.382C. (Click here for a full size version of the graph below.)

Carbon Farming Workshop


Carbon Farming Workshop
November 18, 2015

Download a workshop manual: CFP-training

Download a carbon farming brochure: carbon-farming-brochure-CCI

Presentations available on line:

  • Introduction – Why Carbon Farming and How Marin RCD Got Started – Nancy Scolari, Marin RCD
  • Carbon Farm Planning – How conservation approaches sequester carbon and improve climate change resiliency – Jeff Creque, Carbon Cycle Institute
  • How to include Carbon Beneficial Practices into conservation plans – Nancy Scolari & Lynette Niebrugge, Marin RCD
  • The COMET-Farm™ tool enables farmers and ranchers to estimate carbon sequestration and GHG emission reductions – Mark Easter, Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Lab
  • GHG Reduction and Carbon Sequestration Accounting Tools for Forest Practices – Tom Schott, Mendocino County RCD and John Nickerson, Climate Action Reserve
  • Local and State Policies and Programs for Carbon Farming and An Outlook on Climate Funding – Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute
  • Next Steps and RCD Carbon Farm Program Development Needs Inventory – Pelayo Alvarez, Carbon Cycle Institute